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At the direction of the Extravagant Generosity Team and with the approval of the HUMC Finance committee, there are two new ways to give toward the ministry and mission of Christ through UMC.

These two new options will replace the current electronic giving device in the church library. The move to this smartphone and internet based giving is less expensive than the previous device, allows you to stay current on your giving when you are out of town, and also gives you the opportunity to respond to a need or giving opportunity for those who do not carry cash or a check.
By clicking on the link below, you will have the opportunity to give safely and securely.


*A processing fee of 2.75% will be applied to the transaction along with a transaction fee of $0.45. For example on a contribution of $100, HUMC will receive $96.80. ( Amer Ex fee is 3.5%)

An additional feature will be that the donor can choose to offset the transaction fees. For example, a $100 contribution can be made to HUMC along with the option to contribute $3.20 to cover the processing fees.
You may also give via a smartphone app hosted by Vanco Financial services. This app can be downloaded for free in the App Store on your phone.
Go to the App Store on your phone
2. Search for GIVE+ or Vanco and look for GIVE+ and touch “GET”
3. Once the app downloads, type in 38632 in the search bar to pull up HUMC
4. Create your account.
5. Sign on with your personally created password.
6. Select the fund designation, the frequency of this donation, select the amount and touch “ADD” – Hit next and enter in your payment method. Once you fill in your payment information this will be stored for future use.

*The processing fee is the same as above.