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JOHN 1:14


Susan R. Andrews, in her article entitled, "Holy Heartburn," in the Christian Century shares this story about Mahatma Gandhi.
As a young man, Gandhi studied in London. There, he about Christianity. After reading the Sermon on the Mount, he decided that Christianity was the most complete religion in the world.
It was only later, when he lived with a Christian family in East India, that he changed his mind. In that household he discovered that the word [of Christ] rarely became flesh -- that the teaching of Jesus rarely became the reality of Jesus.
Methodist missionary E. Stanley Jones, a personal friend of Gandhi, said Gandhi possessed the principles of Christianity, but he never possessed the Person of Christianity.
Commenting on Christianity, Gandhi would say, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
We will never know, but if Gandhi had seen the word of Christ alive and real in that family perhaps his life would have been a witness and influence for Christ.
As we prepare for Sunday and for the seminar, Safeguarding Kids from the Opioid Epidemic,  I prayerfully encourage you to share this information as an invitation to someone in your neighborhood. Tell them you are part of the HUMC family, and ask them if he or she has anything you could pray for them about . . . and lead in a simple, heart-felt prayer. Through a simple invitation and offer of prayer, the word of Christ will take on flesh. I look forward to hearing your encounter stories.
See you Sunday,
Bro. David