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Lil' Lambs Consignment

Lil’ Lambs Closet
Consignment Sale
Hernando United Methodist Church
April 12 & 13

Once again we will be using the fully automated sale
with online item entry, tagging and inventory system. 
Our online tagging system can be accessed by visiting
What is it?
Lil’ Lambs Closet Consignment Sale is a ministry of the church that has a 2-fold purpose.  First, it allows families a great place to give your child’s outgrown clothes a new home (and make a little money, too).  It is a sale where sellers (consignors) receive 75 % of the selling price of each item; Lil’ Lambs (the church) keeps 25% of the selling price of each item.  That is the second purpose of the ministry.  The money that is received by the church will then to go fund ministry needs of children whether in the church or as an outreach. 
How does it work?
Sellers register to participate in the Lil’ Lambs Sale through our inventory and tagging system at At check-in just before the sale, a person pays $5.00 to offset the cost of the program (advertising, paper, etc.) Upon registration on the site a person will receive a consignor number and granted access to the tagging system that will be used to inventory and sell all items throughout the sale.  Consignors will receive detailed instructions of what will be accepted and items that will not as well as how to prepare the items for the sale via email after registration.  Also, during registration, the person will sign up for a time to drop off their items as well as a time to come to volunteer during the sale. Sellers and volunteers who work the sale will get the privilege of shopping the Lil’ Lambs sale on Thursday afternoon before it opens to the public on Friday.  After the event, sellers will be given a time to come pick up their remaining items and their check.
When are the dates for the Lil’ Lambs Sale?
The Spring and Summer Lil’ Lambs sale will be Friday and Saturday, April 12th & 13th.  At this sale, we will be accepting Spring and Summer clothing items along with other items outlined in the seller’s packet.  Volunteers who work the sale and Teachers will get to pre-shop on Thursday, April 11th, beginning at 1:30 pm and those who consign only will get to pre-shop beginning at 3:00 pm.  We will receive items for drop-off on Wednesday, April 10th 9:00 – 5:00 and Thursday morning, April 11thth from 8:00 – 11:00.  Registration for consignors will open March 3rd.
Seller Information Packet
As you probably noticed, this is a consignment sale.  As the consignor, Lil’ Lambs Ministry keeps 25 % of the selling price of each item; sellers (consignors) receive the remaining 75%.  Proceeds will go to help fund ministry needs of children within the church program as well as to children’s outreach ministries.
Registration is simply the process for sellers to receive their consignor number to identify their items and be given access to the website where all items must be entered.  A $5 seller/worker registration fee is due at the time of check in or can be taken out of the seller’s proceeds.  This fee helps Lil’ Lambs offset the cost of hosting each sale as well as fees associated with the tagging system we are now using. 
Lil’ Lambs registration will open March 3rd. Stay tuned for updates.. 
When you go to to register, you will need the following:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Login (chosen by you)
  • Password (chosen by you)
  • Check-in Time (you can choose from the available slots)
  • Volunteer Shift Slot (If you would like to volunteer to work a minimum of 1 volunteer shift, you will get to shop first on Thursday, April 5th at 1:30 pm at the pre-sale.)
We want to expand our sale to include tween and teen clothing.  Please let your friends know about this option.
Volunteer/Shopping Incentives
Ways to earn more by volunteering:
  • Any consignor that volunteers to work 3 of the 4 days of the event (during set-up, sale, and/or take down) for a 3 hour shift each day will qualify to keep 80% of your sales.  This is a way of saying “thank you” for supporting our ministry. 
Ways to earn more by shopping:
  • Each time anyone makes a purchase during the Lil’ Lambs sale, they will be entered into a drawing for Lil’ Lambs cash ($25 gift certificate good for our next sale).  If your purchase is over $50, you can enter twice; over $100, you can enter three times.  This is good for one check-out per day. 
Below are a few suggestions to help you get everything together and ready for the sale.  Be sure to read the entire Seller’s Packet for complete rules and guidelines regarding the sale.
Collect the following items:
  • Your Lil’ Lambs Seller’s Packet
  • Computer with internet access
  • Sale items (Minimum of 15 items)
  • Safety Pins or tag gun
  • Zip Lock bags (for socks, accessories, groups of small items)
In the past we have required duplicate tags for all 2 piece or more items being sold together.  This was for the protection of the seller.  Organizers of the sale do everything possible to try to protect your items, but normal shopping and shifting of the items on the rack sometimes causes pieces to get separated.  The duplicate tag helped us to locate the other item in the set and secure them together again. 
If you, the seller, are willing to take the risk of your items getting separated we are no longer requiring duplicate tags.  It is your responsibility to make sure that all items are secured.  If you would like a 2nd tag, simply make a copy of your original tag and make a solid black mark through the 2nd barcode. 
Group all of your items together according to Gender and their Size:
  • Example:  All boys clothes first, starting with the smallest size and working up to the largest
Identify the clothing size by number:
  • “2,4,6” not “small, medium, large”
  • Items are arranged on the racks according to size.  Items without sizes marked may be refused.
Log on to the website using your chosen login and password at the time of registration:
  • Follow the instructions on the website regarding item entry.
  • Be sure to fill out all fields as this is the information that will be printed on your item tags and inventory sheet. 
  • Items will be checked-in according to their numerical order.
  • Keep your items organized!  This will speed your check-in process!
  • If the item you are selling has multiple pieces be sure to change the quantity of tags needed at the tagging option.  All items must be tagged separately even if they are selling as one item. 

Acceptable Items:
Each sale features specific types of clothing.  This sale will accept Spring and Summer clothing items.  Lil’ Lambs reserves the right to refuse any item that is deemed inappropriate for the sale.  Please see the enclosed guidelines for detailed listing of acceptable items.  We will be accepting children’s toys and baby/nursery items (like strollers, car seats, etc.) at this sale as well. Car seats must not be over 4 years old and meet the guidelines in the info below. Please read carefully the note that follows that relates to all items that you wish to consign.
Safety and Recall Information Resources
It is important to us that only safe products are offered to our customers, therefore we ask that each consignor carefully check that none of their items have been recalled before bringing them to our event. As the seller/owner of an item, it is the CONSIGNOR'S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that each item meets the required safety standards.

Please use the following resources to ensure that your item has not been recalled or is considered dangerous or un-safe.
Consumer Product Safety Commission's Searchable Recall list ( A searchable listing of ALL recalled products. (Choose the appropriate item category and click "Find")

CPSC's Dangerous and Recalled Products Reference Guide (also found on Safety standards for CRIBS, PLAYPENS, PACK-N-PLAYS, CAR SEATS, BABY WALKERS, BABY GATES, and BUNK BEDS.
Other sites to check would be the manufacturer’s website,, and for car seats and carriers,
***You will be asked at check-in to sign a statement that you have complied with this recall check and none of your items are on the recall list.
Check-Out/Pick-Up Options:
After the sale is over, you will choose one of the following options for your items that may be left:
  1. Donate your items and we will take to a local mission/charity.
  2. Pick up your items.   All items not pick-up by 3:00 Saturday will be donated.  We do not have space to store your items unless you have chosen another check-out option. 

  1. Only Spring and Summer clothing will be accepted for this sale.
  2. Lil’ Lambs reserves the right to reject any item that may be inappropriate for this sale.  Items that are not clean or are in poor condition will be rejected!  In order to maintain the high standard of quality at our sale, we must be very selective.  Therefore, please do not be offended if any of your items are rejected.
  3. You must have a minimum of 15 items.   If items are not tagged or hung properly, you will not be allowed to check-in.
  4. Sellers who fail to keep their commitment to sell without advanced notice (1 week prior unless in cases of emergency) will not be able to sell in the next sale.
  5. A nursery will be provided for workers DURING THEIR WORK SHIFT ONLY.  Children must be picked up immediately following your work shift.  Children will not be allowed in the Activities Building during your work shift.  To reserve a spot in childcare for your child please contact Kris Dorr.
     6.  We will NOT ACCEPT the following
  • Underwear,
  • badly worn, stained, or out of style clothing,
  • Items that smell stale, musty, or smoky
  • Maternity clothes
  • Drop-side cribs
  1. Price your items to sell quickly (especially 12 months and smaller).  People expect to get a bargain at a consignment sale.
  2. Good Rule of Thumb for pricing:  ¼ if the item is in good condition; 1/3 of the new price if the item is like-new or never worn. 
  3. Evaluate your prices- would you pay that price for that item?
  4. Prices must begin at a minimum of $1 and go up.  Prices must be in whole dollar or half dollar increments.  Write prices that are half dollar amounts as  $1.50,  etc.
  1. Be sure to bring your completed inventory sheet at your appointed time for check-in.  You may want to make a copy of it for yourself.  We will keep the copy that is used for check-in. This is an option to print after you have completed entering and tagging all items into the tagging system. 
  1. Size:  Use numerical sizes only. If it is S-M-L, please write a numerical size even if you have to guess.
  2. Description:  Give a detailed description including brand name, color, distinguishing markings and if it has multiple pieces.  EXAMPLE:  2 piece Old Navy Red Tee-shirt with American flag and denim shorts
  3. Boy/Girl//Other:  Be sure to categorize your items correctly to ensure that they are hung in the proper location during the sale. 
  4. Discount:  Saturday is Half- Price Day.  If you do want your items to see for half price, mark “Yes”.  If you Do Not want you items to sell for half-price, mark “No”.  Remember, it is better to take home a larger check than unsold items.
  5. Price:  The price must be a minimum of $1 but can be in increments of $.50 after that.  Multiple pieces bundled together as a set must be priced as a set.  Do not write prices for each individual piece.

Lil Lambs Consignment Sale SELLER INSTRUCTIONS

Lil’ Lambs is not responsible for lost items.  Any item without a tag cannot be sold.  Please make sure all items are properly tagged and securely attached. 
  1. All clothes must be hung on hangers – as shown in the example below.  Make sure that the hook is turned away from the tag. 
  2. DO NOT BEND adult hangers at the end to accommodate smaller clothing.  (The bent hangers snag other items and are difficult to keep straight on the racks)
  3. DO NOT place tags inside the bags.  They are too hard to remove during the sale.
  4. Attach tags to boxes or zip loc bags with clear masking tape. 
  5. Place all items such as comforters and bumper pads on hangers. 
  6. Put all receiving/crocheted blankets in plastic bags – not on hangers.
  7. Socks and accessories should be placed in zip loc bags and taped shut with masking tape. 
  8. Pin tags with SAFETY PINS ONLY to the front left shoulder of the garments as shown below.  We will not accept items pinned with straight pins, staples or tiny brass-colored safety pins. 
  9. Please make sure all tags are securely fastened. 
  10. Group like items together (all boys clothes, girls clothes, shoes, etc.)
  11. Please bring items to Check-In in numerical order.  This is how they will be checked in. 
  12. When you have items with multiple pieces please do the following:  Multiple tags are not required.  If you would like to protect your items by double tagging simply make a Xerox copy of your original tag.  Do not make a duplicate tag in the system as it will duplicate your item number. 

  1. Toys that require batteries MUST have working batteries in them in order to be accepted.  This includes large ride on toys such as jeeps, trucks, etc.  If we cannot see that they work we cannot sell them. 
  2. Toys and games must be clean and have ALL pieces. 
  3. Toys with pieces should be sealed in a zip-lock bag and taped shut. 
  4. Do not apply tape directly to decorative items on toys, games, puzzles.  Tape can destroy decorative items.  Put these items in bags or wrap in plastic. 
  5. You can tape price tags onto bicycles and other items that do not have paper decorative items on them. 
  6. We will ACCEPT the following:
          Video games for game systems – RATED E ONLY
          Hand held video games (e.g. Game Boy)
          Computer Software for Children
          Stuffed Animals (limit 2 per seller)
  1. We will NOT ACCEPT the following:
          Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, Xbox or any other “game” system
          Televisions of any kind
          Violent toys, such as guns, knives, swords, etc.
          Scary toys, such as monsters, witches, etc.
  1. When selling multiple books/videos together place the items in a bag and tag the outside of the bag. 
  2. We will ACCEPT the following:
          Videos that are “G” or “PG” rated.
          Children’s Books in good condition
          Books on pregnancy, childbirth and/or parenting
  1. We will NOT ACCEPT the following:
          Videos rated “PG 13” or higher
          Videos/Books on marriage or relationships
          Teen/adult books