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Lil' Lambs Consignment

Lil’ Lambs 2016- Spring and Summer Sale
Dates:  March 4-5 2016

What is Lil’ Lambs?
Lil’ Lambs Closet Consignment Sale is a ministry of the church that has a 2-fold purpose. First, it allows families a great place to give your child’s outgrown clothes a new home (and make a little money, too). It is a sale where sellers (consignors) receive 75 % of the selling price of each item; Lil’ Lambs (the church) keeps 25% of the selling price of each item. That is the second purpose of the ministry. The money that is received by the church will then to go fund ministry needs related to children and missions whether in the church or as an outreach.

What is a Consignor?
We are so glad you are interested in being a consignor! We are looking forward to a WONDERFUL sale, and that wouldn’t be possible without you – the CONSIGNOR!
A consignor is someone who agrees to sell their children’s gently used clothing, toys, furniture, books and accessories through our sale.
There are many advantages to being a consignor. Consignors will receive 75% of the sales price of their items sold. Also, as a consignor, you will have the opportunity to shop early – before the sale is open to the public! Want to shop even earlier? Volunteer! Volunteers get to shop before anyone else!

How do I consign?
Easy steps to consign your items:
Register as a user of our tagging system. The link is
-Click the "Create User Account"
-Follow the directions on the site from there.
-Create a login and password. Remember to write these down as they are used throughout the sale.

Why do I have to register on this website?
We offer a fully automated, online, item-entry tagging system.
After you are registered for the sale, you can enter your inventory into this website and request your tags and inventory sheet. No more hand writing! You can print them yourself - using a COLOR printer and white CARDSTOCK. **Tags from previous sales cannot be reused.**

What other advantages are there to being automated?
Once you are a registered user on our tagging system you can schedule an appointment to drop-off your items. (You may schedule an appointment before all of your items are entered, but all items must be entered and tagged by the time of your appointment.), monitor your progress during the sale, and see your final sale tally BEFORE you get your check.

Who can consign & volunteer?
You only need 15 acceptable items to qualify as a consignor! You can enter your inventory as soon as you register, or come back later to enter items. Each consignor is responsible for tagging and pricing their own items.
Anyone can volunteer and this earns you an early shopping pass!!

How much does it cost?
There is a $5 consignor fee. This will be collected at check-in.

When can I get started?
Registration opens soon, and will remain open until the day before the sale. All items must be entered into the system NO LATER THAN ________ in order to be eligible for this sale.