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Sunday School Classes

At Hernando United Methodist Church, the heart of who we are is in making disciples of Jesus Christ by reaching in through worship and Bible study, in order that we may then reach out. 

Sunday school is one of the opportunities to study together and grow in faith. We offer a number of opportunities for persons to grow in their understanding of the truth of Jesus Christ and to cultivate a sense of community with others.

A Sunday school class provides an informal atmosphere in which to study the Bible and other Christian materials. It also affords an occasion to meet new people and build relationships. We invite you to review our list of different classes. Choose one or two that interest you and visit them until you find one where you are comfortable.  Come early for coffee and fellowship at 9:45 a.m.   Class begins at 10:00.  

Teaching duties rotate between class leaders and invited teachers. The main approach to teaching is lecture.  This class enjoys informal fellowship gatherings and also supports local and global mission projects.  Come early to meet and greet.
Teacher:Craig Vogelsang
Room 312

One of our larger classes, this group enjoys the free expression of ideas, interpretations, and opinions as they study the Scriptures together. The Adult Bible Series curriculum is the basis of their study.
Room 401

The philosophy of this group is "Jesus first, Others second, and You last” – J.O.Y!  This group of women (50's and up) uses the International Sunday School materials.
Teacher:Bettye Chamberlin
Room 402

Men’s Bible Class
Rich with history, this is one of the oldest continuous Sunday School classes in the church.  Along with the day's lesson from the Adult Bible Series, a lively discussion might also be had about events in Hernando as well as national politics as these men (40's-90's) enjoy meeting together.
Teacher:Joe Frank Lauderdale
Room 404

New Beginnings
This class welcomes women of varying ages, but men are also invited to attend.  The class uses a variety of Bible Studies and encourages open discussion.  Because it is smaller than some of the other classes, this group is very informal and enjoys sharing their lives and spiritual journey with one another.
Teacher:D'Layne Smith
Room 106

College Class
Topical studies from a biblical viewpoint.
Teacher:Tim Matheson
Room 107

Young Adult Classes:
Three welcoming classes are offered to young adults in varying ages and stages of their lives. Their focus is applying Biblical principles to their daily lives.
Biglane's Bible Bunch (B3) - "20-30 Somethings" Class 
Teacher: Derick Biglane
Room 405

Orchard Class- "Mid-30's and up"  
Teacher: Rotates
Room 313

Rockers Class- "Mid-30's and up"
Teacher: Cheryl Beene
Room 309

Pairs & Spares Class
This fun-loving class is uses biblically based topical studies. The class studies a variety of biblically based studies throughout the year.  For couples and singles, of any age.  Join at any time.
Teacher:Allen Whitsitt
Room 310

Purpose Driven
This class began in 2003 as a study of the five purposes outlined in the book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren:  Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, and Mission.  Purpose Driven welcomes all ages - married and single.
Teacher:Jim and Sarah Ainsworth
Room 308

This supportive group welcomes all ages, both couples and single adults.  Currently, we are an older class and we use the Adult Bible Studies Curriculum and enjoy outings together to share our many interests.  
Teacher:Brenda Caldwell
Room 311

Wesley Class
The Wesley Class began as a Methodist Studies Class in 2006. They enjoy Bible overview studies, great fellowship, and class activities.  All ages are welcome.
Teacher:William Crenshaw, Greg Hurst
Room 408

Open Door
This growing group of mid-30’s to mid-40’s adults study Biblical truth through traditional as well as contemporary literature. It’s a great time to get involved with this lively group!
Teacher:Claude Purvis
Room 403

Young Friendship
The YF class consists of both singles and married couples ranging from mid-thirties to mid-forties.  The class studies a variety of materials throughout the year.   A breakfast brunch is served the first Sunday of each month.
Teacher:Ray Glosson
Room 406

Pastor's Class on United Methodist Beliefs
Once a year, our pastor leads a class on United Methodist Studies.  Come explore the doctrine, ministry, and mission of the United Methodist Church.  If you are new to our church or community, or just curious about United Methodism, this is the class for you!
Teacher:David Cox
Fellowship Hall