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“I will cry unto God with my voice, Even unto God with my voice;
and he will give ear unto me.”
Psalm 77:1
How’s your prayer life lately? In this time of uncertainty, the talk of prayer is not as controversial as it was a few weeks ago. People are turning to God in prayer because we are desperate. We seek a hope and peace that this world cannot produce.
In Luke 18, Jesus said that we ought to always pray. I trust that we are each giving more focus and attention to prayer for our families, healthcare workers, those who are ill, but especially that people throughout the world would be awakened to their own mortality and need for a Savior.
I want to make you aware of at least two opportunities to join together in prayer.
First, the Wesleyan Covenant Association is responding to our unique moment in history with an intentional prayer effort today, Palm Sunday, called Prayer Waves. The Mississippi Chapter of the WCA is offering the opportunity to participate in Prayer Waves.
•        On Palm Sunday/April 5, from 5:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m., please visit our public Facebook page – Traditionally Orthodox Mississippi Methodists . Begin by reading the pinned post at the top of the page. Then follow the prompts you’ll find there to guide your participation in Prayer Waves.
•        Our prayers will be focused on thanksgiving, repentance, and intercession, with special focus on the coronavirus pandemic.
•        You’ll have the opportunity to share a written prayer in the comments and to pray through the prayers others have posted.
•        We ask you to consider sharing the pinned post with your Facebook friends as a way of inviting others to join us in prayer.
•        You might consider participating in a fast leading up to the prayer event at 5:00 p.m.
Second, you are invited to join a time of prayer and fasting – HUMC PRAYER AND FASTING – during Holy Week. Of course you may participate at any time during Holy Week, but if possible I would invite you to focus on the time of Good Friday to Easter morning. I understand that some will not be able to fast from food due to health and medication needs, however, each can choose to lay aside an interest, activity, or preferences for the sake of creating intentional space to turn to the Lord in prayer. Perhaps you can set the chime function on your watch in order to remind you each hour to turn to God in prayer. Whether you participate from Friday until Saturday or even a portion of that time, I hope you will join the HUMC family to make on-purpose-space in your days to cry out to our Lord.
No registration or signup is required, but it might be an encouragement to know if 20, 30, or more would be willing to band together in this way. If you would desire to share in this time, would you simply text me at 601-384-7494 with a “YES” or a thumbs up or send an email to ? No names will be shared or disseminated in any way.
Palm Sunday is preparation for what’s still to come. I pray that you will live in the peace and assurance as we live a life of certainty through faith in Christ.
God bless,
Bro. David

P.S. Watch our 2020 Stewardship Video and see how God is working in and through us as the Body of Christ, witnessing and serving others in our church and community.